Howells Community Catholic School
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Calendar   2017-2018
  2018-2019 School Year Calendar  This is the tentative schedule for 2018-2019. It is subject to minor changes.
  Doors open at 7:55 am.  Classes begin 8:15 am.  Dismissal at 3:35 pm; bus picks up at 3:35 pm.
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  Upcoming events

   All sizes of trash bags are still available.  Please contact office. 

   Please note time change:  School is dismissed at 3:35; bus students are picked up at 3:35.

  April 28  First Holy Communion, 10:00 Mass at St. John
  April 29  No school for 2nd grade only
  April 30  Field trip - grades 4-5-6 - students bring a lunch
  May 3    Janet's Jungle Plant pickup, 5:00-7:00 pm
  May 4    Janet's Jungle Plant pickup, 8:00-10:00 am  
  May 12   Mother's Day
  May 14  Picnic Day, lunch provided by school
  May 15   6th Graduation; last day of school
  May 16   School of Faith - teachers
  May 16 &  17  Teacher Work Days

Collection of Box Tops for Education
Thank you for sending in Boxtops.  Please turn in any Boxtops before the end of school year that might expire before the June 1 expiration date.
Students earn 50 cents for every 50 Boxtops turned in!!! 
         Collection Policy for 2018-2019:  If you put your first and last name on a plastic baggie or envelope, we will record the number of Boxtops brought in.  Each time the student brings in a total of 50 Boxtops, he/she will receive a 50 cent coin.  Students can earn more coins as qualifying Boxtops are brought in.  Thank you for participating!
       Please turn in the Boxtops as you collect them. Expired Boxtops cannot be used. 
       There is a dropbox on the hallway window sill. There are also boxes in the back of the churches.
       Thanks for collecting Boxtops! At ten cents each, they do add up!
St. Dennis School Mission Project

        Fr. Francis visited Nebraska in December.  On Thursday, December 17, Fr. Francis concelebrated Mass with Fr. Leo.  The Fr. Francis visited the classroom and spoke to the children, answering numerous questions.  It was a very interesting visit; it brought the goal of mission home to the children in a very real way.
        Diane Lefler from West Point visited the St. Dennis Mission in Uganda, Africa from May 31 to June 16.  Together with her son and a friend, Diane brought over 800 pounds of pillowcase dresses, t-shirts, and drawstring backpacks to give to the students at St. Dennis School.  Diane shared her experience and pictures with the students at HCCS on Thursday, October 29.  For more details, visit the St. Dennis website: