Howells Community Catholic School
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Why send your child to a Catholic School?
To learn more, visit the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools website
Did You Know . . .?  

​. . .​ that Howells Community Catholic School is very affordable? In-parish tuition for one year is just $775 or only $77.50 per month.*  That’s less than five dollars per day!  Discounts are given to the second, third, or more children in a family. Don’t let finances prevent you from getting a quality education; financial help is available.  Please inquire at the school office or rectory.
 (*based on ten monthly payments)
Scholarship Available ---
 for future 1st grade students!
The First Catholic Slavic Ladies Association of Howells is offering $200 off the tuition of every student entering first grade in fall 2019.  Apply now to HCCS with registration form on this page.